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  • Knowing how a fireplace was constructed coupled with the experience of past projects we offer a removal service with minimal damage taking care to preserve and maintain the beauty of the piece removed. In some cases damage Is Inevitable as the piece may be calcified or damaged. In this case we would advise on the Initial site survey of what we anticipate the condition in which the fireplace will be upon removal.

    The fireplace will then be either taken to out workshops for storage or restoration or Installed Into a different setting or property In line with the clients Instructions.

  • There Is so much more to Installing a fireplace than just securing It to the wall. That Is why the smarter more conscientious clients will always come to a fireplace specialist Instead on Instructing builders to Install a fireplace (you’d be surprised at the amounts of jobs we are asked to attend to “make good” after an Inexperienced person has Installed).

    Whilst the method of Installing a fireplace Is universal, every Installation differs.

    Defining factors such as;

    ·      What material Is the surround?

    ·      What Is the chimney breast wall constructed of?

    ·      Is It to be a working fire or decorative?

    ·      Is It solid fuel or Gas?

    ·      Are there up lighters required In the hearth (as picture above)?

    ·      Has the flue been swept and tested?

    ·      Does the flue need re-lining prior to installation?

    All the points above are very Important to the Installation process.

    A fireplace professional will be up to date on his accreditation’s with Hetas (the solid fuel Governing body), Gas Safe (the gas regulatory body) and all the relevant documentation within the building Industry (document J refers to fireplaces).

    We are proud to say that we hold all these accreditation’s and work closely with recognised professionals that offer the same. Funnily enough I attended and passed my Hetas accreditation’s for solid fuel and stove Installations because I wanted to be up to date with the regulations even though I would not be. on top of a roof dropping new liners because I am petrified of heights. In the cases of new liners I. use a company I have used for the last 15 years  and would highly recommend to anyone.

    We offer a free site survey to attend site and assess your needs, advise accordingly and quote for all Installation works.

  • We are often asked by existing and future clients about the manufacture of fireplaces and is this something we can do. The answer is yes, we can create any type of fireplace from any material to create your dream fireplace for your property.

  • We offer a comprehensive restoration service for all periods of fireplaces In all materials.

    Initially we only restored stone and Marble fireplaces but we now offer the whole range from timber, cast Iron, Marble and stone.

    We understand the Importance and respect the quality of all our restorations. It is very important to retain the natural ageing or Patena to a fireplace that has accumulated over the course of it’s existence. This Is what says “I am old” and whilst making It look as fresh as the day It was manufactured we restore “sympathetically” leaving Patena and small chis and Imperfections to show Its true age.

    We are regularly commissioned to undertake and tender for prestigious works at many many premium and important properties all around the country (a few abroad too).A number of these will be seen In our gallery section although some may not have the full details as Non Disclosure Orders were signed where clients wanted anonymity.

    We are one of a very few companies (If any others) that offer In-situ restoration.

    This Is when certain fireplaces In grade one listed buildings have not been given the relevant consent for removal to be taken away for restoration. We can attend and restore on site.

    The details of restoring are vast and Individual to every piece. Please contact us for all your queries.

  • Having worked with many companies In the past we are happy to Install any fireplaces of your choice whether period or reproduction.

    From experience, Chesneys have a fantasticRange of fireplaces and I am happy to supply anything from their wide repertoire of fireplaces. In your eyes and experience they have the best range of. reproduction fireplaces and a vast range of antiques. They offer a service of bespoke reproduction fireplaces that Is unrivalled.

    This Is why I promote their fireplaces. I know and promote their excellent products.

    We have our workshops in Kent and can happily take n commissions for manufacturing anything required.

  • At our workshops we have a secured and fully Insured Storage facility where Stored fireplaces are catalogued, palleted and wrapped.We have a very good storage rate for a specialised product such as antique fireplaces. Prices will vary In relation to the value of the fireplace. This will be discussed and agreed prior to arranging collection or delivery for storage.